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About MML

Welcome to Mineola Medical Laboratory!

MML has been diligently providing high-quality laboratory services in New York since 1998, with a distinguished reputation for excellence and integrity. As a multi-disciplinary center, our lab experts and physicians ensure accurate results to facilitate ideal patient diagnosis and management. They provide valuable information pertaining to the testing and diagnosis of several medical conditions. We also assist in the management, monitoring and treatment of a wide variety of diseases and ensure that the treatment plan is progressing as per schedule. We provide both inpatient and outpatient lab and diagnostic testing services. Our pathologists are board-certified and are proficient in the evaluation of body tissue samples for all types of conditions such as cancer and other neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases and disorders.

MML comprises of a team of innovators who believe in excellence and are a league of their own.

Our mission

  • To serve with diligence and provide results that make a positive difference in the life of every patient.

Our Vision

  • To define the promise that we give and strengthen our goals through healthy collaborations.

Core Values


  • We believe that our work is crucial and important and requires the highest levels of righteousness.
  • Excellence:

  • MML strives to provide excellence by continuously improving on our objectives.