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Pathology Services

Breast Pathology

MML’s breast pathology division offers services for the diagnosis of malignant and benign diseases affecting the breast. With the careful integration of several clinical and pathological data, we hold particular expertise in assessing the carcinoma of the breast. We establish the most accurate and precise pathological inferences with high-quality prognostic information that ensures optimal patient management. Our Fellowship trained breast pathologists are adept at providing a breast histology, immunochemistry, Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization and a breast cytopathology, besides any other associated diagnosis.


The Dermatopathology Services at MML are clinically relevant, accurate and timely. We also provide an original diagnosis, expert second opinions and a direct immunofluorescence. Our Dermatopathology laboratory offers a comprehensive microscopic diagnosis for all types of skin conditions that are an essential component in the treatment of skin disorders. Clinically trained dermatologists and pathologists evaluate the patients and the specimens to provide a precise and conclusive analysis. With a wide range of expertise, our licensed technologists provide a review of skin biopsies, consultative review of the microscopy (slides), special stains and immunohistochemistry.

ENT Pathology

MML strives to provide specialty-specific examination and evaluation with an integrated approach to ear, nose and throat diseases. Our experts provide a complete ENT examination, audiometry testing, nasal endoscopy, allergy testing, CT scans, cultures, blood work and biopsy. Allergy testing is usually performed for patients who do not respond appropriately to the medical management of their allergies. CT scans present an immediate interpretation of all sinuses and infections of the middle ear.

Liver Pathology

MML’s liver pathology services provide rapid diagnostic histopathology that are inclusive of liver biopsies and reviews of native and transplant liver specimens. With extensive experience, our team provides a primary diagnosis and consultation for grading and staging autoimmune, viral or drug-induced biliary disease and hepatitis. Our turnaround time for biopsies and slides is quick and can be provided in just about 24 to 48 hours.

Gastrointestinal Pathology

MML provides exceptional GI and hepatic pathology services to its patients and referring physicians. With a panel of experienced pathologists, we specialize in providing comprehensive test menus and support through quick and accurate diagnostic information. You can get precise test inferences for inflammatory bowel disease, hepatitis, gastric ulcer disease and all neoplasms of the GI tract. Our board-certified pathologists are specifically subspecialty-trained in gastrointestinal pathology.

Gynecologic Pathology

The gynecologic pathology division at MML provides high-quality pathology services with a complete understanding of the gynecological processes to create better prognostic, treatment-related approaches that will enable physicians to offer better treatments to their patients. With superb specialists on our panel, we evaluate a wide range of entities that are both benign and malignant. Our expertise involves the evaluation of gynecological lesions inclusive of tumors in the endometrium, ovaries, vulva and placenta.

Lung Pathology

MML’s comprehensive pulmonary pathology services are available to both patients as well as health care institutions that approach us for a finding. We process biopsies and surgical specimens related to tumors and infections of the lung, interstitial lung disease and other chronic and neoplastic lung disorders. We utilize molecular, cytogenetic and immunohistochemical techniques for our evaluation.

Ophthalmic Pathology

Ocular pathology involves the evaluation of the tissue specimens of the eyes and the orbit. Applying specific importance to ocular and lacrimal gland neoplasms and needle aspirations, MML evaluates processes to interpret surgical, cytology and autopsy specimens, besides using conventional histopathology for guided testing. We also provide expert, timely and accurate assessments with the help of gross microscopic imaging.

Oral maxillofacial Pathology

MML’s oral and maxillofacial pathologists are considered as reliable diagnostic resources for clinicians who wish to treat oral and maxillofacial carcinomas. We identify the nature of the disease, its causes and the processes that might affect the tissues. The testing also includes a certain amount of research using clinical microscopic, radiographic and biochemical examination of the tissues. Some areas of interest, besides others, include cancerous and precancerous conditions of the mucosa (detected through biopsy), benign ulcerous growths, cysts and tumors of the jaw, neo-plastic conditions of the salivary gland and other head and neck disorders.

Orthopedic Pathology

Specialists at MML perform a histologic diagnosis of orthopedic diseases that comprise of disorders of the bone and soft tissues. We have sufficient expertise in conducting both adult and pediatric tests and provide the highest-quality orthopedic pathology services. MML offers a variety of delivery services that are best suited for your office, surgery center or hospital. We provide testing for bone and tumor diagnosis, metastatic cancers or secondary bone tumors and much more.

Podiatric Pathology

MML provides a specialized diagnosis for podiatry involving diseases of the lower extremities. With board-certified pathologists providing unparalleled diagnostic interpretations, we also support diagnosis for soft tissue and nail disorders besides routine fungal nail plate biopsy or H&E + PAS. For tumor and inflammatory skin diseases, we perform the nail bed, matrix and apparatus biopsy interpretation.

Thyroid Pathology

MML has unsurpassed thyroid pathology services with extremely low indeterminate rates in thyroid FNAs. Our diagnosis is definitive so that every physician is provided with a precise inference and every patient, as a result, gets cost-effective care. We conduct effective diagnosis of all autoimmune diseases of the thyroid (hyper or hypothyroidism), thyroid cancer and a range of endocrine disorders.

Urological Pathology

As a subspecialty of surgical pathology, urological pathology deals with diseases of the bladder, prostate and urinary tract. All specimens are examined and evaluated by us are inclusive of resections and biopsies of the prostate, ureter, kidney and testis. We draw inferences pertaining to neoplastic and non-neoplastic conditions, inflammatory diseases and offer multiple testing options for a single specimen, to be assured of diagnostic precision.