/ Why MML


MML endeavors to provide outstanding results and relevant diagnosis to its patients. As service providers of diagnostic lab testing, we conscientiously facilitate good decision making to healthcare professionals and physicians thereby resulting in a positive improvement in patient health. MML is a resource that you can depend on in today’s challenging health care environment. Whether you are part of a large health care system or a small community hospital, our lab provides you with excellent services and the results that you require.

MML’s services are well-designed to provide excellence:

  • We are affordable, innovative, righteous and provide high-quality lab and anatomical services based on patient needs.
  • Our team comprises of well-trained and highly-qualified physicians and pathologists .
  • We provide an extensive menu of lab services that contains over 1000 anatomical and clinical test procedures.
  • MML houses the latest equipment and infrastructure and uses cutting-edge technology to derive the most accurate results.
  • Our convenient concierge services offer a pick up through air and land couriers.
  • You can access lab results online or by fax.
  • Our test results are precise and timely.

Quality is one of the biggest decision-makers. And that is why it is important that our customers are aware of the level of standards that MML works with.

Medical testing is frightening for most people because the outcome determines the next course of action of their lives. Our professionals at MML put you at ease first and then counsel you with regard to the testing process. The staff come with years of experience and are spontaneously courteous and effective in their service execution. MML takes pride in its resources and in maintaining the highest quality in our testing procedures along with precise results. Our methodologies generate quick and reliable results leading to diagnostic accuracy. MML’s services ensure that the physician’s testing requirements are met in a timely manner to provide effective patient care.